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The social media space co…

The social media space continues to evolve. Pinterest, a site launched in March 2010 that describes itself as an online pin board to organize and share things you love, recently emerged as one of the top 10 Websites within the Hitwise Social Networking and Forums category, Pinterest is now the third most popular U.S. social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter, with traffic up nearly 50% in February 2012 compared to January 2012. Six-month trend numbers speak volumes: the invitation-only site received nearly 21.5 million total visits during the week ending Jan. 28, 2012, almost 30 times the number of total visits versus just six months prior (week ending July 30, 2011).

Pinterest content has something for everyone, but the site is dominated by images featuring home décor, crafts, fashion and food. Not surprisingly, visitors to the site in the 12 rolling weeks ending Jan. 28, 2012, skewed female (60%) and between the ages of 25 and 44 (55%).

The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report


Small Businesses and their Marketing Budgets

How Small Businesses Spend Their Online Marketing Budgets

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Hello world! I´ve just made search engine my b**ch.

Nowadays it is just plain irresponsible to be passive about your Google results.

Patrick Ambron  few months ago started Make Search Engines Your B**ch series where he wrote:

¨Today, Google is the first place we turn to learn more about another person. To put this in perspective, there are 3 billion searches a day on Google and 77% of job recruiters are required to do a Google pre-screen before hiring you. So in short, if you haven’t Googled yourself, somebody has.

It’s your responsibility to ensure you make the best impression possible when that person searches you. Obviously you want to avoid negative content, but just as importantly, if you aren’t represented by well-branded, positive content, you are missing out on an important opportunity to make a lasting first impression.¨

So here I am. Bought a domain with my name, chose among WordPress Themes and the same afternoon kicked off this blog.

Nice to meet you!

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